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Varia Differences Description:

Spot the differences of the pictures. Random differences spot and bonus items.

Varia Differences Instructions:

Use mouse and left click to locate the differences between 2 images. Click "Hint" for help. Find the bonus item at each level, which will help to increase your score and "Hint" times once. 1. Random differences spot everytime, worth to play it again and again. 2. Bonus items in each level, more interesting. 3. Both the top and bottom images are click-able, copy difference spot area with pixel, (click top, copy bottom area to top; click bottom, copy top area to bottom), so magic! 4. Reasonable score system, find the difference spot as quick as you can, the quicker, the higher. more challenge. 5. With "Hint" button, help player to find the difficult difference spot. 6. You can "Pause" and "Resume" the game. 7. Backgound music can be "On" or "Off".

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