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Word Chaos Description:

Put your word skills to the test in this challenging word game.

Word Chaos Instructions:

Form as many words as can you from the given set of letters. To enter a word, just click on the letters and press the enter button. Find the green-marked word within the given time to go to the next round.

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Word Chaos Reviews:

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by: creeperking678 on 27/27/15
could you put pip in your dictionary it is the dots on a die or domino

by: jodinedionne@hotmail on 25/25/12
yesssss!!!:) i love this game even though i dont half of the words that you eventually come across aswell as i am only a six form student so i think that it is a quite good word game for me to be able to do loads of mixing the words and things like this i hope you bring another game like this out :) :) :) :) :)

by: artist1942 on 19/19/12
sure would like it if you could save a game so you can come back later.  when i leave it open it eventually just quits on its own.  most games allow you to save the active game for later.  PLEASE!!!!

by: kiko on 15/15/11
nice game

by: david on 12/12/11
Come on! How can you allow DEBS, but reject DEB.
Let's get with a careful revision of your word book, PLEASE

by: on 12/12/11
I am surprised at some of the words you accept and others that you reject. ASP is a common type of snake. LEIS are a form of floral garland. LEI is the singular. Please review and edit your 'dictionary'.

by: louie on 26/26/11
yes!!! i love this game. got to learn new words that i've never encountered before!

by: turd on 30/30/11

love this game!

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