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Five Nights at Christmas:

Five Nights at Christmas is a free Hidden Games that you can play online on It has been played 619 times. Published On Dec 19, 2023.
Five Nights at Christmas is a horror survival game set in a chilling snowy forest. Your objective is to endure the nights while completing various tasks. It is crucial to stay warm and not let the cold get to you. Additionally, beware of the terrifying Snowman that lurks in the shadows.

Your house in the woods is under siege by this eerie snowman, who will relentlessly pursue you both outdoors and indoors. Over the course of five nights, the challenges will intensify, making it increasingly difficult and more terrifying to stay alive.

To truly gauge your bravery in the face of this horror, you must immerse yourself in the game and experience it firsthand. Begin your journey now and consider inviting your friends to join you, as they too can put their courage to the test!
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Use the WASD keys to move, E to pick up items or interact with them, and F to use the flashlight. Take it to make your path a lit-up one and see where you are going, but also to scare the monster. Pick up keys to open doors, and find out any other items that might be useful and put them into action.


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