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Hero Pipe:

Hero Pipe is a free Other Games that you can play online on It has been played 170 times. Published On Apr 15, 2024.
Hero Pipe is a Pipe Puzzle game that can now be played on browsers as well as mobile devices. In this game, you play as the hero whose mission is to bring water back to the thirsty masses. Our team has already accomplished this task, so we are here to provide you with some tips to help you become heroes yourselves!

Solve the pipe puzzle to get the pipe rescue hero job done!

Your society is under attack by monsters, and as the hero, it is your responsibility to take them on. Water happens to be their weakness. You can use the water pipe to connect to the tank where the monsters are and drown them. By dragging the pipe with your mouse, create a pipeline from the water source to the monsters to defeat them.

Initially, you will have to target one monster in the first few stages, but more monsters will appear as you progress. This will require you to make better connections. As you advance through the stages, new elements will be introduced in the game.

For instance, your hero may get trapped in a tank, and you must not transport water pipes to him, as he will drown and die. Instead, use the yellow health pipes to drag to him and the blue water pipes for the monsters. Completing both tasks will allow you to finish the level.

In some scenarios, the hero may be free, but a princess is trapped. In such cases, save her using the health pipes.

At times, you will have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. You must figure out how to drag the pipes through the castles in a way that satisfies everyone's needs, ensuring that you do not mix them up and find clear pathways for all.

Each new level will feature a more complex design, requiring you to enhance your puzzle-solving skills. Additionally, the coin rewards will be more significant, which can be used in the shop to purchase new skins for your hero, in addition to the standard ones.
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Use mouse to play this pipe puzzle game.


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