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Screw Puzzle:

Screw Puzzle is a free Other Games that you can play online on It has been played 643 times. Published On Mar 26, 2024.
Screw Puzzle presents a unique online logic puzzle game that offers a refreshing experience unlike any other. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it with everyone at this very moment. If you're curious about what sets it apart, allow us to provide you with the details so you can dive in stress-free.

In this game, you'll encounter metallic bars of different shapes and sizes attached to wooden boards using screws. Your objective is to remove all the bars from the board to complete each level.

Simply click or tap on a screw to remove it, and then screw it back into one of the available holes. Keep repeating this process until there are no more bars left on the screen.

Some bars may be locked down, but don't worry, there's always a way to overcome them. After completing each level, you'll earn coins as a reward. The faster you finish, the greater your rewards will be.

Start playing right away, exclusively here. And remember to stay tuned for more exciting games of various genres. You can never go wrong with what we have in store for you!
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Use mouse to play this puzzle game.


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