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Home Pin 2:

Home Pin 2 is a free Other Games that you can play online on It has been played 248 times. Published On Apr 09, 2024.
Home Pin 2 presents a new collection of adventures in the form of one of the finest new logic and puzzle games with pins available online. This game, which we highly recommend, offers a refreshing change as it features a female protagonist, unlike the first game in the series that had a male lead character.

The lady, who discovered her husband's infidelity and was subsequently evicted from her home by the unscrupulous couple, finds herself in the wilderness. She manages to set up a campfire using rocks, marking the beginning of her journey.

By solving puzzles, you assist her in progressing in life until she eventually acquires a house, or rather, a home. This home turns out to be an old mansion in need of restoration, a task that you will undertake using your puzzle-solving abilities. Let us guide you on how to accomplish this, shall we?

To remove the pins, simply use the mouse or touch controls to click/tap on them, causing the items to drop. Start by dropping wood into the circle of rocks, followed by the matches to ignite the fire. Release the key from the container by pulling the pins, allowing the lady and her baby to inhabit the dilapidated house.

Your objective is to rebuild the mansion, earning tools such as hammers, nails, new furniture, accessories, and decorations by solving puzzles along the way.

By pulling pins to drop puzzle pieces for the child, you can earn money, food, and drinks for the mother and baby. Be cautious of the bombs in the containers, as they can cause you to lose the game if they explode on the characters. Instead, make them explode on each other or prevent them from detonating by not releasing the pins holding them.

As the puzzles become more challenging, rest assured that your mental prowess will also grow stronger. Even if you happen to fail a level, you can always start over. By visiting our website and returning to play the game, you will receive daily rewards from the main menu. Additionally, there is a shop available where you can purchase clothing for the mother and her child, as well as acquire new furniture and items to fulfill the house's needs.

Begin pulling pins and help this new family achieve their dream home!
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Use mouse to play this puzzle game.

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